February 22nd, 2007

Dr Who stickers

Has anyone got any spare stickers for the Radio Times Dr Who sticker collection? My poor album has lots of gaps in it and I would like to fill them. I have a few swapsies myself but not many. If you have any to spare, please bring them to Redemption and offer them to me. I will give you gratitude in return.
Just add coffee
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Just arrived...

So I got here.

Last time I used the M40, there were roadworks where I join it at Jn 4 (as there have been for a while), and hideous queues. Today I elected to go to Newbury and then north, to join the M40 at Jn 9 -- and there were hideous delays owing to roadworks near Oxford. I left the A34 and set off crosscountry via Wantage and Farringdon, finally joining the M40 at Banbury. I'd forgotten how picturesque rural Oxfordshire can be.

I arrived at the hotel at around half-two, dumped my stuff in the room and pottered around a bit, and then went down to reception where I found Judith and Richard, and very shortly afterwards Kelvin's bus full of stuff to be unloaded and shifted to the Secure Store. Many thanks to hotel employee Luke, who was extremely helpful during this exercise.

Now sat around in the coffee bar enjoying the free wifi.