sweetheartwhale (sweetheartwhale) wrote in redemption_con,

Redemption has a new home

Finally it's time! Redemption has a new home.

For 2017, we'll be welcoming you to the Royal Victoria Hotel in Sheffield. Dating from 1862, the hotel has a lovely ballroom for the main hall, exclusive bars, and 13 programme rooms ready fpr the fun, fantasy, and innovation you've come to expect from Redemption.

There 107 individual (and they're all slightly different) bedrooms - with an overflow hotel - a Holiday Inn Express -next door. The service, which the Committee experienced on a recent visit, was excellent.

It is a little smaller, and we will have exclusive use of the entire building, but this means booking earlier will be advisable if you want to be sure of being in the main hotel. All their twin and single rooms have two double beds, BTW. The rooms will be around £75 B&B (with some variations for overflow and occupancy).

With so much programming space, we're planning plenty of stuff to do, both old favourites and new. Don't be afraid to suggest ideas.

And if you're at Nine Worlds next month, feel free to come along to our table and say hello.
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