lonemagpie (lonemagpie) wrote in redemption_con,

Video programme? Film and TV festival!

Something being tweaked and revamped for Red 17 will be what used to be called the Video Programme, and you could now sort of think of as a Film and TV Festival.

Back in the day, convention video proragmmes used two serve two main functions: 1) to screen old stuff that was fondly remembered but nobody had seen for years, and, 2) to screen new stuff that hadn’t yet aired outside the US.

Times have changed, and now all those old favourites are on DVD, Blu-Ray, or Youtube, and the newest unaired stuff is shared online pretty much instantly. Therefore the focus of screenings at conventions, including Redemption, has to change with the times.

We’ve already been concentrating on films or shows that may mark an anniversary or something like that, but for Red 17 we want to go further, and make the screenings more interactive: We want to have introductory talks (as with the Conrad Veidt strand at Red15), perhaps live commentaries or MiSTing, and even-

Well, you tell us. We do have plans, and there are some anniversaries to be marked, and some introductions focussed on the works of Red 17′s Ghost of Honour (Basil Rathbone), but we’d also like to hear your suggestions for things we might show, and what you’d like us to do with them. Is there something you’d love to comment through or introduce? Something special that deserves an airing? Something that works better with a live audience than it does alone in front of the TV? Drop us a line or a comment, and let us know.
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