lonemagpie (lonemagpie) wrote in redemption_con,

Red 17 Saturday Guest

We're also pleased to announce that one of our one-day guests, on the Saturday, will by film archivist/curator Miranda Gower-Qian. Miranda is an independent film programmer and MA graduate in film curation. Having studied under Professor Laura Mulvey, Miranda specialises in silent film curation as criticism and is particularly interested in the materiality - and intertextuality - of film. She has written about the significance and utilisation of the human body in deriving audience perception in silent film, something that she believes translates significantly to ideas about the fluidity of film through time and space. Hopeless cinephile and moustache enthusiast. She was also responsible for programming the Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley's first Silent Film Festival in July 2016, a festival planned to to continue this year.
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