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Red 19 Ghost of Honour

OK, we've had two Ghosts of Honour so far, in the forms of Conrad Veidt and Basil Rathbone. The Ghost of Honour is a feature of our Film & TV Festival.

For 19, I'd just like to canvas for suggestions for our Ghost Of Honour. This should be someone who has made a noteworthy contribution to SF/Fantasy/Horror TV and/or film, ideally spanning as long a period as possible, and who died at least 25 years prior to the convention. (So that we minimise the issue of people having actually encountered them at conventions in person, if they did a lot.)

The Ghost of Honour doesn't have to be a performer, but must be someone about whom informative and enthusiastic talks or discussions can be given. If there's someone you'd like to give a talk about in this vein, feel free to suggest that also.

Please send any suggestions to david.a.mcintee@gmail.com, which I'll be using for Redemption mails

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