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Redemption SF convention
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Redemption is a fan-run convention with all profits being split between Asthma UK and The Woodland Trust.

Redemption is a multi-media convention reflecting a wide variety of fannish interests. Our main focus is SF on TV - we aim to have programme items relating to a wide number of cult shows, both past and present. We'll take in everything from Blake's 7 and Babylon 5 to Heroes and Life on Mars.

Additionally, we also cover SF in books and comics. We will have some hard science items in the programme as well as some extremely silly games. There will be quizzes, slash discussions, fan writing, filking, costuming, the famous Redemption cabaret, workshops, debates, fetish, and loads more in a packed five-track programme.

We like to enjoy the evening and it's highly likely that we'll have a ceilidh and a disco and maybe an Arabian dance session as well - one on each night of the convention.

Our focus is firmly on fannish activities. We'll have guests, but we're extremely unlikely to have more than one actor as we like to invite people who've contributed to programmes in other ways through writing, model-making, etc.

The next Redemption will be in February 2019 in Sheffield.